Resistant AI said to close $2.75m round

Resistant AI said to close $2.75m round

Automated anti-fraud platform Resistant AI has reportedly scored $2.75m in its seed round to support product development.

(Part 4 of 4) Solana SOL Audio White Paper | Speedy “Ethereum Killer” and NFT ‘G

��️ She �� White Papers presents female audio narration of Solana’s SOL Audio White Paper (Part 4 of 4).
�� Narrated by: Melanie Panem
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��‍�� Solana has done well this year due to its speedy transaction times
�� as well as its NFT projects’ popularity


�� Crypto whitepapers are essential research that every cryptocurrency trader should be reading. But that’s easier said than done. Audio white paper narration makes this easier by allowing individuals to listen to a white paper while multitasking.

⚠️ $he (Crypto) White Papers does not claim that this audio white paper is read with 100% accuracy (but I do try my best). It is meant for educational and entertainment purposes only.
⛔ This is not financial advice.


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The Basic of Covered Calls

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Tetherball Physics Problem – Calculate Tension Force

This physics video tutorial explains how to solve the tetherball problem by calculating the tension force in the rope. You need to draw a free body diagram for this uniform circular motion problem. The horizontal component of the tension force is equivalent to the centripetal force. The weight force is supported by the vertical component of the tension force.

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