Open-source technologies dev Isovalent nets $40m

Open-source technologies dev Isovalent nets $40m

Isovalent, a developer of open-source technologies, has closed its Series B funding round on $40m, with Thomvest Ventures leading the deal.

Professional Certificate in Open Source Software Development, Linux and Git

The “Open Source Software Development, Linux and Git” Professional Certificate Program is designed for developers with experience working on any operating system who want to understand the basics of open source software development. The program surveys how open source software works, including advantages of using it, methods of working in OSS communities, governance models and licensing choices. It delves into Linux systems and Linux tools for developers, including installation, desktop environments, text editors, important commands and utilities, command shells and scripts, filesystems and compiling software. It also provides a thorough introduction to Git, the source control system that arose out of the Linux kernel community, that enables widely distributed development to operate efficiently.

Open-source software development [CiviWiki]

Pull request reviews and documentation improvements for the CiviWiki project.

Penguin Party: A New Paradigm for Gamifying Open-Source Software Development | Hiturunk #BE2020

Buidlerberg 2020 Talk:

“Penguin Party is an innovative new solution for protocol politicians and software developers to collaborate to improve and defend defi protocols through gamification.”

What is open source || “Getting Started with Open Source: A Beginner’s Guide”

Are you interested in software development or technology? Have you heard of open source but not quite sure what it means? In this video, we’ll provide an overview of open source and explore the basics of this concept that’s changing the world of software development. From its history and origins to the benefits it provides to users and developers, we’ll break down the key elements of open source in an easy-to-understand format. By the end of the video, you’ll have a solid understanding of what open source is and why it matters. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of open source.