Top 10 Ways to Help Your Wedding Videographer

There are a lot of quick, easy things that couples can do to make their wedding videographer’s life easier, and in turn make their wedding video that much more awesome. Corey Graham counts down his top 10:

10. Book them as early as possible

Generally, the more time we have to talk about the wedding and plan things, the better. If you book last-minute and have to rush through things, there’s a better chance that important details might be forgotten.

9. Let them know if you DON’T want to book them

If you’ve expressed interest in a videographer for your wedding, and then decided not to book them, please let them know. They may be waiting to hear from you, and may have other work opportunities they could take on for that same day. It may be awkward, but believe me: they will be grateful to know either way.

8. Tell them what’s important to you

Let them know who is important to include in the video: friends or relatives from far away that you don’t see very often, grandma, your college roommate, etc. What details are important? Are there and special touches or decorations that are especially meaningful? Are there certain shots you’ve seen in other videos that you’d like them to get?

7. Send a save the date or invitation

Getting a save the date or invitation can be helpful in confirming details like dates, times, and locations. It’s also helpful in getting a feel for your unique personality and style. This helps with the overall making of your video, as the better your videographer knows you, the better video you’ll get.

6. Give them a timeline of the wedding day

Your videographer will need to know where you’ll be and when on the day of your wedding. You don’t want them to miss any moments that are important to you.

5. Let the other vendors know they’ll be there

It’s important that the other wedding professionals you hire for your day know that a videographer will be there—especially the photographer, because they work so closely with the videographer the entire day.

4. Tell your guests they’ll be there

Your guests won’t be surprised to see a videographer going around, and will likely act more naturally. Also, they hopefully won’t feel the need to constantly shoot video with their phones, leaving it to the professionals.

3. Think about lighting

The more light that’s available at your wedding and reception, the better your video will look. Try to focus on creating the kind of atmosphere and ambience you want without it being too dark.

2. Feed them at your reception

It’s a long day on our feet as videographers. We need gas in the tank to keep going at our full potential. We don’t necessarily need a meal with the guests—many venues offer vendor meals, which are often perfectly fine.

1. Have fun

The more fun you have—and the more naturally you act—the better the video will be. Try to forget the videographer is even there!