Star 104 Bridal Expo 2016

The weather wasn’t all that bad (at least for Erie) when I arrived at the Bayfront Convention Center Sunday morning to make some final preparations for the bridal expo. The doors opened at 11:30, and I gave myself a couple hours to make sure my booth was perfect, and also to take a stroll around and chat with a few of my fellow wedding pros.

Star 104 Bridal Expo 2016

My booth was next to the display for the Zem Zem Banquet & Conference Center, and the ladies running their booth were a lot of fun to meet and hang out with. I brought an obscene amount of candy along — something like 8 pounds of peanut butter cups, peppermint patties, and more — and filled a couple bowls up. I got my video demo running on my 2 big HD displays, and it looked great. I snapped a couple photos, posted to my Facebook and Twitter about the exciting day ahead of me, and then went for a walk.

Corey GrahamThe Convention Center looked fantastic, with its stage and seating area flanked on either side by the vendor displays and two square bars where couples could go to loosen up a bit. Heck, I even saw some of my fellow wedding vendors (who shall remain nameless) take a trip or two to the bar during the day.

My first stop was at the immaculate display of DJ Henry GQ. The time and energy he put into his presentation was truly astounding. He was hard at work getting his equipment and lighting just right, and the result was fantastic. Next I said hello to my friend Lisa from Lake Shore Country Club, one of my favorite venues.

I caught up with Erin from Star 104, who had been amazing throughout the whole process of becoming a part of the expo, and went over some last-minute details. The doors opened, and the couples flooded in. The day raced by as I had a blast meeting hundreds of wonderful people.

Later in the afternoon, the surge of visitors slowed as the expo’s main event, the fashion show, took command of the audience. I had the chance to relax and get a quick bite to eat. Interestingly enough, the traffic never picked up much again after the show. Then I was advised to go out into the hallway and look outside.

It would be an understatement to say that the weather had taken a turn for the worse. Just outside the giant windows looking out to the lake, waves crashed up onto the sidewalk. The temperature was dropping quickly, and the rain was freezing. Lake effect conditions were upon us. No wonder no one else was coming to the expo!

At that point I got the chance to chat with DJ Matt Barnes, another talented entrepreneur with an impressive display.

With reports of worsening road conditions, staff members came around to each booth and advised us to close up early. Despite this, the expo was a great success. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and work with so many wonderful people, from the couples who are interested in my producing their wedding video, to my fellow wedding pros who have become like family.

I’m looking forward to more expos in the future, and to the year ahead!

Erie Wedding DJ Promo: DJ Henry GQ

A while back I had the privilege of making a video to help promote DJ Henry GQ, one of Erie’s hippest and most talented disc jockeys. He’s best known for packing the dance floor at weddings, but he also rocks parties, dances, and clubs on a regular basis.